The Exorcism of Adalene

with A/Maze Calgary

It started with physical symptoms—her head was foggy, her body weak, and her skin as pale as her eye’s sclera. The local physician stopped by and ran test after test, but could not find a cause. As the weeks passed on and the seemingly mysterious disease progressed, a change was noted in Adalene’s behavior; her kind demeanor and thoughtfulness started to wane, replaced with an irritability and harshness. Her soft speech had turned to growls, and she started speaking using words of languages unknown to everyone around her.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, all different types of medical professionals attempted to find a cure, but Adalene’s irritation grew exponentially as the days passed. Her illness had almost totally consumed her, and for hours would speak only in strange tongues. Upon investigation by a local priest, it was determined that her affliction could be one thing and one thing only: Adalene had now become possessed. An exorcism was attempted, but, after some bloodscurling screams, the poor priest suffered a heart attack. Upon his flesh was written in English: “if you come after me again, I will take the girl forever.” 

You are tasked with attempting an exorcism on Adalene before she is lost forever. 

Escape Rooms cost 12 Killer Cash Tokens per person
(available with the Killer Cash Combo & Speedpass tickets or at the tokens booth in the event).


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