NEW! The EXTREME Zombie House - A World's End Experience!

Come test your wits at the most terrifying world’s end experience that Calgary has to offer! First time at Screamfest – this EXTREME Zombie House will chill you to the bone!
How will you fare in the apocalypse?

Enter a dark labyrinth filled with horrors you can only imagine. Listening to the screaming and moaning of the undead. See if you have what it takes to make it to the end!

Will you make it? Or will you curl up in a ball on the floor and be devoured by the Zombie hoard?

Put on your big boy undies and enter the Zombie House! Your mommy can't save you here...

They will grab you, bite at you, and pull you down, will you be able to handle the fear and terror inside yourself?!

The Fine Print: we are serious, they WILL grab you, breathe down your neck and brush against you (sniffing for brains) - so extreme you will have to fill out a waiver!

Neighbours from Hell - Simulator Ride

Look no further and, trust us, this is no amusement ride. This ride will make you scream…

The Screamer

You will scream!

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Jurassic Attack

Featuring the Jurassic Truck monster truck ride.

  • A favorite on Speed TV’s Monster Jam series.
  • Hot Wheels made dozens of toys featuring versions of the truck.

Jurassic Attack costs 12 Killer Cash Tokens (available with the Killer Cash Combo & Speedpass tickets or at the tokens booth in the event)


Coffin Ride

It's just like a lovely satin bed. Nicer than your bed at home.

'Cept there's a lid on this bed. And once it shuts – it don't open no more. What kind of an idiot wouldn't put a handle inside here? Your friends lift you and take you somewhere – surely to the locksmith to get this contraption open. Nope. Now they're setting you down, and down, and down. What the hell is that!? Smells like earth. Earth hitting the lid. Earth surrounding the sides. Earth closing in on you. And what comes with earth? Worms and flesh eating bugs. That's right. Keep screaming.

I'm sure the mourners aren't already back at the parking lot...

Bury the Hatchet

Axe throwing at ScreamFest... What's the worst that could happen?

Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunter is shooting gallery style game featuring zombie props AND moving targets! We know you'll love this!! Zombie Hunter costs 8 Killer Cash Tokens (available with the Killer Cash Combo & Speedpass tickets or at the tokens booth in the event)

Open every night!!

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